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Production technology of printed ceramic coffee mug from China manufacturers

Date:2022-5-16 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Color glaze ceramic mugs is the cup with color. Black, red, blue, yellow, etc. belong to color glaze cup. Because these cups have a deeper color as the background color, they can't directly print other colors on the polyvinyl butyral film to make flower paper. Instead, the white background color must be printed on the polyvinyl butyral film first, and then on the white background color, the printing needs to be printed Other colors, so as to ensure that the color of the paper will not be covered by the background color of the cup during the baking process.

In the process of baking flowers, the stoneware coffee mugs also needs special wiping treatment, because the polyvinyl butyral film of flower paper is easy to remain on the surface of the color glaze mug, and a circle of film imprint can not be wiped off. The appearance of this layer of film printing is due to the deep background color of the mug, and the polyvinyl butyral film printing is white, so it is particularly obvious under the background color of the mug When baking flowers, the film seal has been baked into the glaze of the mug, so it is meaningless to wipe the film seal at that time.

Therefore, to get rid of the film printing, you must wipe the mug completely after the hand-made decal. After the mug is baked, you must immediately wipe it again. In this way, you can clean the film printing.

In fact, there are many wholesale ceramic mugs that need some special treatment when printing, or special processing when printing paper. We will introduce them one by one in order to discuss with you.

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