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Did you really choose the right ceramic coffee mugs? with lid or without

Date:2020-10-27 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,There are many factors that affect the taste of a mugs of coffee, including the variety of beans, the place of origin, the way of baking, etc. but do you know that coffee mugs also affect the taste of coffee?

If you know something about red wine or high-end wine, you'll probably know what I mean. For wine tasters, how to choose different shapes of wine glasses to taste different wine is a required course. In the past, people used to drink red wine mostly in tall and large glasses, but when drinking white wine, they would use smaller glasses. Because the shape of the glass will affect the taste and aroma of red wine.

So when we drink coffee, we should also choose the right mugs, so that the flavor of coffee can be better released, isn't it? Because different custom coffee mugs have different effects on the taste of coffee. Numerous studies have shown that the shape, color and texture of coffee mugs will affect consumers' perception of coffee taste.

1. Coffee mugs of different shapes

According to a study by Oxford University, the shape of a coffee cup can affect the taste of coffee.

The researchers recruited more than 300 volunteers from different regions to do the research. They were asked to taste coffee with different shapes of mugs, and then evaluated the coffee's flavor, bitterness, concentration and taste.

The results showed that most people thought that the coffee in the higher cup tasted sweeter, and the coffee in the "thin" cup was more bitter than that in the "fat" cup.

The reason why people find coffee sweet in tall and "fat" mugs may be that such mugs are more likely to let out the bitter taste of coffee, the researchers said.

2. Coffee mugs of different texture

The coffee cup made of different materials has a great influence on the taste of coffee. A good cup can show the flavor of coffee incisively and vividly, while a bad cup will ruin the flavor of coffee.

Porcelain mugs custom

China cup is the most widely used coffee ware. For a good cup of coffee, white porcelain cup surface smooth, soft color, is the most conducive to observe the color of coffee containers.

flower receptacle

Glass is the favorite of fancy coffee. Because the whole body of the glass is transparent, when it is filled with latte, Macchiato and other coffee, it can show a good sense of hierarchy of coffee, and the double-layer glass has a good insulation effect, so it is a good choice to hold hot coffee such as latte.

Pottery cup

Pottery cup is the favorite of coffee players who pursue a sense of history. Pottery cup is made of clay. Compared with porcelain cup and glass cup, the surface of pottery cup is more rough, with a heavy feeling of soil, and it is very simple and historical. It's just that it's not easy to wash coffee after drinking.

Plastic cup

Plastic mugs are the most commonly used mugs. Nowadays, most beverage shops use plastic mugs. However, when using plastic mugs to drink hot coffee, the smell of mugs will affect the taste of coffee, and plastic mugs are not environmentally friendly.

3. mugs of different colors

Psychologists believe that people's first feeling is vision, and the biggest impact on vision is color. The reason why people's behavior is influenced by color is that people's behavior is easily dominated by emotions. (Baidu)

Therefore, the color of the coffee cup, will also have a certain impact on people's mood, and then affect the judgment of coffee taste.

Duolun, as like as two peas in the University of Australia, has invited dozens of people to do experiments, and the same coffee is placed in different color coffee mugs custom to test the effect of coffee cup color on people's taste of coffee.

The results show that, compared with transparent glasses, people think that the color of the coffee in the white coffee cup is darker, and that the concentration is higher and the taste is more bitter; while for the coffee in the blue coffee cup, due to the blue contrast, people think that the color of the coffee liquid is lighter, and then they think that the coffee liquid has low concentration and does not taste bitter.

Therefore, the color of the coffee cup will more or less affect the taste.

4. mugs with different openings

There are two kinds of coffee cup mouth: wide mouth cup and straight mouth cup. The shape of the cup will directly affect the feeling and flavor of your first sip of coffee.

Wide mouth coffee cup

Wide mouth cup, as the name suggests, is a cup with a wider mouth. The opening of the cup can let your taste buds fully touch the coffee, and your tongue can feel the coffee flavor more completely.

Straight mouth coffee cup

Straight mouth cup, as the name implies, is the mouth of the cup is straight. The mouth of the cup is perpendicular to the table top, and the coffee liquid is more concentrated when entering, and the taste is more balanced.

In conclusion, although coffee mugs will have a certain impact on the flavor of coffee, we choose ceramic coffee mugs factory not to select the best, but to choose the most suitable cup, which can enlarge or concentrate the flavor characteristics you like. For more people, a cup of coffee is a kind of mood.

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