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Characteristics and selection of ceramic coffee mugs from china manufacturer

Date:2021-8-21 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Mug Manufacturer,Characteristics of ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic coffee mugs is not rusty, rotten, water-absorbing, hard and smooth, easy to wash, with the advantages that other tableware can't match, but the lead in ceramics is also an unavoidable problem of thousands of years of manufacturing technology. Over the years, the relevant spot check of the national quality supervision department also shows that the excessive lead dissolution has become a common problem of ceramic cups.

Ceramic coffee mugs selection

When choosing custom glass mugs, we should pay attention to choose the tableware with small decoration area or safe underglaze color or underglaze color, and do not choose the tableware with very bright color and inner wall with color decoration. For glaze colored porcelain, it is easy to use visual inspection and hand touch to identify. Anyone whose picture is not as bright as glaze, whose hand feel is not smooth, or whose picture edge has a raised feeling, should be careful to buy. In addition, consumers should not plan to buy ceramic products on the ground stall cheaply. If economic conditions allow, they can also choose lead-free glaze green tableware. Before using the newly purchased ceramic coffee cup, it can be soaked in vinegar to melt most of the lead. When using, do not use the colored ceramic tableware to hold the acid food.

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