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Xinxiang mug manufacturer tell Harmful heavy metals in ceramic mugs

Date:2021-7-6 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Entering the supermarket, the ceramic mugs with different colors and designs on the shelves will attract many people's attention. But when people buy, they only look at its beautiful appearance and bright colors, but ignore the health risks.

Heavy metals are the main cause of the harm to health of ceramic mugs. Dong Jinshi, vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out in an interview with the life times that in the production process, porcelain tableware can be divided into three types: overglaze color, in glaze color and under glaze color. The overglaze color is the overglaze color, that is, it is baked after the white porcelain surface is pasted with decal paper. The underglaze color is the underglaze color, the color is covered by the glaze layer, and the underglaze color is a mixture of colors. Because of the harmful metals such as lead and cadmium contained in the color glaze pigment, the production cost of the overglaze color is lower and the underglaze color is safer. The tableware made by long-term use of glaze color technology contains food with high content of organic acids such as vinegar and vegetables. Heavy metals will enter the human body together, which will cause chronic heavy metal poisoning, immune decline and blood system diseases over time.

Xinxiang ceramics reminds you that when you buy Ceramic coffee mugs suppliers, you should first pay attention to whether the name of the factory and the Executive Standards are marked on the tableware; secondly, you should touch the inner wall with your hands to see whether it is smooth and clean, whether there are cracks, convex and concave inequalities; in addition, you should smell whether there is peculiar smell. It should be noted that do not choose the tableware with bright colors and deep colors, and do not buy the tableware with flowers.

After buying back the porcelain tableware, it is suggested to boil the tableware for 5 minutes first, the boiled water can play the role of sterilization, and then immerse it in the vinegar at normal temperature for 1-2 hours, because some toxic substances will be separated out when the ceramics encounter acid substances. For the tableware that is not reassured, it can be soaked in vinegar for several hours. If it is found that the color changes obviously, it should be discarded.

When cleaning ceramic tableware, soft dishcloth shall be used, while Baijie cloth, decontamination powder, etc. are easy to scratch the tableware surface, which is more susceptible to pollution, so it is better not to use them. At the same time, try not to put acid, oily and alkaline food in use for a long time, especially do not put the porcelain tableware containing more oily food in the microwave oven for heating, so as to prevent the release of toxic substances. If you want to put it in the microwave oven, you should avoid metal decoration, such as porcelain tableware with gold edge, silver edge or inlaid pattern with gold paper, metal wire and metal wire.

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