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Basic knowledge of China custom ceramic coffee mugs from china manufacturers

Date:2021-5-15 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Mug Manufacturers,1. Western food

Leading role: all kinds of dishes, spoons, knives and forks, china coffee mugs factory, saucers at the bottom of coffee mugs, sugar cups, milk cans

Supporting roles: ice bucket, coaster, wine glass, cloth mat, Candlestick, napkin

Western food is a synonym in Chinese dictionaries. Eating a candlelight dinner with a set of standard Western-style tableware is the favorite sentiment of lovers. Despite the tedious tableware and complicated etiquette, Western food is always enjoyed by Chinese people who are used to bustling because of its quiet and elegant atmosphere.

Western tableware is very decorative. Knives, forks, spoons are all necessary. According to the introduction of professionals, the division of work of Western food knife is meticulous, including big knife, medium knife, small knife and even special butter knife. Fork is also divided into big fork and medium fork. Generally speaking, medium fork is used for pickling, and medium fork is also used most. Spoon is the most exquisite tableware in Western food, including big spoon, medium spoon, small spoon, coffee spoon, teaspoon, salad spoon, etc. According to the rules of serving Western food, don't rush to move all the beautiful tableware up. The tableware should come on the stage with the food in the order of wine, appetizer, soup, fish, meat, salad, dessert, and finally bread. The tableware should match with it.

Western style tableware has distinct styles and various specifications. If you are not too keen on standard western food, you can buy a whole set of Western tableware at a time in general shopping malls.

2. Chinese food

Leading role: Chinese rice bowl, soup bowl, chopsticks, Chinese spoon, flat plate, soy sauce plate

Supporting role: chopsticks seat, meal mat, wine set, custom tea cups and saucers, tissue box

With the increasing wealth of material life today, Chinese tableware is also emerging, not only has more types of tableware, tableware division is also more meticulous. Chinese tableware is mainly made of ceramics, which can be divided into traditional and modern schools. Traditional tableware includes elegant blue and white porcelain, inlaid with Phnom Penh, representative of festive Manchu tableware, classical and full of Chinese white jade tableware, etc.; while modern tableware often uses some simple patterns or lines to reflect modern style.

Some people no longer use a single set of cutlery, but choose two or more sets of cutlery with different shapes to distinguish different dishes, such as using different cutlery to hold cold dishes, hot dishes and soup, which cleverly adds dining interest through the combination of cutlery forms.

In addition, more and more attention has been paid to the accessories used to decorate tableware. Small decorations such as meal mats and napkins can make the dining atmosphere more elegant, and can also make dining the most common daily behavior artistic. Nowadays, there are various kinds of tableware ornaments with rich colors and materials. You can buy fancy tableware in many Chinese style decoration shops

3. Japanese and Korean cuisine

Leading role:Wholesale Japanese bowl, chopsticks, seasoning pot, sake pot, various dishes

Supporting role: wine cup, tea cup, chopsticks seat, meal mat, napkin cover

The diet of Japan and South Korea is light and healthy. Therefore, although Japanese and Korean dishes have entered China far less than Western dishes, they have entered the common people's homes with the trend because they do not need to burn or eat raw in an environmentally sound way.

Japanese and Korean tableware is mainly made of simple pottery, and its color is mainly pure white, black, dark green and brown. Japanese and Korean cuisine pays attention to details, and tableware is exquisite and exquisite. In particular, those with high grade and emphasis on artistry tend to be particularly free in modeling; in terms of tableware arrangement, such as front dishes, several different dishes are often placed on a large plate, some are placed directly on a plate, some are filled with small cups and plates or a small leaf, which are relatively interwoven and picturesque with each other, which is very charming. There are many kinds of tableware in Japan and South Korea. In addition to various cups and bowls, there are square plates, deep plates, shallow plates, small saucers, soy saucers, and soy saucers. There are also Bento boxes, fruit boxes, trays and other wood and bamboo paint, the color of which is mainly red and black, fully showing the exotic Oriental customs.

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