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China mug factory know technology and material of printing ceramic mugs

Date:2021-4-17 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,When the lead brown glaze printed character pattern ceramic flat bottles of the Northern Dynasty were unearthed, when the modern home decoration ceramic tile printing patterns emerged in endlessly, when the ceramic tableware "bloomed" with the printing, the wheel of history rolled forward, time washed away too many memories, I don't know when there was a "first intimate contact", but the "encounter" between the printing and the ceramic was destined to start from a distant Dynasty and go all the way To the perfect fit.

Looking back in the dim light, I exclaimed, "printing and custom ceramic coffee mugs have a wonderful date that spans time and space!" Whether it's printing stickers, transfer printing or digital ink-jet technology, the "encounter" between ceramics and printing will always bring an unexpected beauty to life.

Ceramic decals are good or bad. They don't pay attention to the quality of the paper. The coffee cups made are not respectful to consumers, no matter how cheap they are sold. Our friends, we must do everything in detail.

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