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Disadvantages of custom color glazed kids ceramic mugs

Date:2021-4-8 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Ceramic Custom Mug Manufacturers,Nowadays, all kinds of cutlery with delicate and beautiful shapes have become the new favorite in the home. They undertake a dual task: not only food tools, but also a part of family decoration. These beautiful children's ceramic mugs are easy to attract children's attention because of their beautiful shapes, bright colors, and not easy to fall, and because it is convenient for parents to train children to eat consciously, they are often the first choice for parents to choose tableware for their children.

However, many parents may not realize that color tableware may threaten children's health. Xinxiang ceramic manufacturer reminds us that a wide variety of beautiful tableware has different qualities, and many fake and inferior products are mixed, which may cause harm to our health.

The author visited several supermarkets in Shandong Province and found that there are mainly the following types of children's tableware: porcelain like tableware with smooth texture, various designs and colors, light and non fragile, ceramic like feel; plastic tableware with fresh color, beautiful flower shape and relatively cheap price; stainless steel tableware that is easy to clean and not deformed or deteriorated in case of heat; natural, non antiseptic and non painting materials Wood cutlery. According to the supermarket staff, brightly colored tableware is in line with children's psychology. Most parents are willing to use children's tableware with patterns to attract children to eat. Among these kinds of tableware, plastic tableware is the brightest, most beautiful and the best selling one on the shelf.

At present, plastic tableware, imitation porcelain tableware and some bright ceramic tableware are sold on the market. In order to improve the texture, light sense and high temperature resistance, some composite organic materials are added to their production process. In order to attract children, children's tableware is coated with many color patterns. These colorful tableware are not conducive to human health. Children's long-term use may lead to excessive lead content in the body and affect intellectual development. Therefore, when choosing tableware for children, it is better to choose quality tableware with simple appearance, colorless and transparent or light color.

For custom kids ceramic mugs with different materials, how should parents use them reasonably so as not to pose a threat to their children's health? According to experts, porcelain like tableware is not suitable for high temperature cooking and cannot be used for microwave cooking. Try not to put acid, oily and alkaline food for a long time. Before using ceramic tableware, boil it with boiling water for 5 minutes or soak it in vinegar for 2-3 hours to dissolve the harmful substances in the ceramic tableware. Stainless steel tableware cannot be heated by microwave. The best way to disinfect is to use heat Boiled or steamed at high temperature; traditional wooden tableware should be made of vegetable wood, persimmon, apple, pear and other materials. As wooden tableware is easy to dry, it is recommended to wash it frequently to keep it moist.

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