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Category and introduction of ceramic glaze for ceramic mugs (1)

Date:2021-2-7 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Jinan Xin Xiang Ceramic Mugs Industries Co.,Ltd,Ceramic pigment, also known as pigment or pigment, is a kind of decorative material for powdery colored ceramics, which is composed of color base, flux or additive. The color base is a kind of inorganic coloring material for ceramics, which is made by the combination of the colorant (the material that can make the ceramic body, glaze and so on) and other specific raw materials (such as kaolin, quartz, feldspar, alumina, etc.) through calcination, grinding, rinsing, drying and grinding. Flux is silicate, borate or alkali silicate glass containing lead. It is a low melting point glassy substance that promotes the combination of ceramic color base and ceramic ware surface. The pigment is a kind of crystalline solid powder, which is made by mixing chromogenic ion and matrix material as crystal structure, reacting under proper firing conditions, particle size control, sieving, rinsing, blending and homogenization.

(Custom sublimation mugs)Ceramic color materials include color materials for building ceramic body, color materials for building ceramic glaze, dry mixed color materials, roller color materials, wrapped color materials, color materials for daily use porcelain and sanitary porcelain glaze, etc. The industrial production of ceramic pigment products has the following characteristics: color powder stability under high temperature application conditions; 1. Color stability of pigment products; 2. Wide range of color phase conditions; and the best color intensity conditions. Therefore, it is required that ceramic color products can be widely used in glaze, in glaze, under glaze, green body and other color decoration.

Ceramic pigment has the following uses: green body coloring. The coloring substance (colorant) in the color stock is mixed with the blank to make the burned blank appear certain color. The colored mud can be used to make furnishing porcelain, daily utensils and building wall and floor tiles. White mud can also be used as underglaze coating (make-up soil) to cover the color of green body. 1. Coloring of glaze. Color agent and basic glaze can be mixed into various color glaze and art glaze. 2. Draw patterns. It is widely used on glaze surface and under glaze for manual painting, as well as for decal paper, screen printing, transfer printing and spray painting.

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