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Maintenance of fine bone china coffee mugs xinxiang custom mug manufacturers

Date:2021-1-14 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Sublimation Mug Manufacturers,Fine Bone china coffee mug and tea cup originated in China. It belongs to high-grade porcelain, used for people with quality life.

Fine Bone china coffee cup, compared with the general traditional porcelain, has a high texture, good transparency, can present elegant, bright and clean, jade like texture, permeate a noble temperament, so we must do a good job in the maintenance of bone china tableware, so as to maintain its beautiful and moving characteristics.

The general maintenance methods of fine bone china mug suppliers are as follows:

1. When the surface of bone china cup is stained with oil, it can be cleaned with warm water with the water temperature below 80 degree; if it is not easy to clean, it can be cleaned with a little vinegar and water, and detergent is not available

2. If there is scratch on the surface of bone china cup, it can be polished gently with toothpaste; when cleaning with wet cloth or hand, it should be careful to use light force, not too large, to avoid scratching porcelain

3. If the fine bone china tea mugs purchased is available without mark microwave oven, do not put it into microwave oven for heating, otherwise it will corrode Phnom Penh

4. Do not immerse the heated bone china coffee cup directly in cold water, so as not to damage the porcelain quality due to the rapid change of temperature

As long as we master the maintenance method of bone china cup, we can keep its white color and delicate touch. When we are at a party or a feast, we can use these well maintained tableware to hold food, which will give people enough grace and show extraordinary style.

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