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Material of ceramic coffee mugs china Stoneware porcelain fine bone

Date:2021-1-14 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom  Mug Manufacturers,Generally speaking, the material of ceramic mugs has bone china, magnesium strengthening porcelain, white porcelain, stoneware. Our most common ceramic cup is mainly made of white porcelain and reinforced porcelain.

Bone china is a raw material containing cattle and sheep bone powder, fired products have good transparency, the product glaze is delicate, the product is light green. Bone china is a high-grade material.

Strengthening porcelain is a kind of medium and high-grade material second only to bone china. Its main raw materials are talcum powder and feldspar powder, which are fired in an oxidizing atmosphere at 1350 degree. The product is suitable for large temperature difference (between - 20 degree - 240 degree), small deformation, high bending strength (220MPa), good thermal stability and wide firing temperature range (40 degree). The glaze is a frit glaze with high gloss and good transparency, which makes the product have high whiteness, strong hardness, fine glaze surface and good transparency.

The main raw materials of white porcelain mug with logo are kaolin, Pengyang porcelain stone powder and so on. The firing temperature is 1300 degree. The main glaze is transparent glaze. The whiteness of the product is 88.1 degree, which belongs to the medium grade material.

The main raw materials of stoneware are quartz powder, Mashan soil, etc. the firing temperature is between 1180 degree and 1270 degree. The main glaze is milky white glaze or color glaze, which belongs to medium grade material.They are all of the Material of sublimation ceramic coffee mugs.

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