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Broken handle of custom ceramic tea mugs can repair it

Date:2021-1-5 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Ceramic Coffee Mug Manufacturers,Yesterday, a friend who knew a little about ceramic making technology called me and said that he had broken the handle of a meaningful ceramic cup at home and asked me if I could restore the handle. I said that there is no way to recover the broken part of the finished ceramic cup. She did not understand: "the handle and the body of the ceramic tea mugs are originally glued together?".

Yes, the handle and the body of the ceramic cup are glued together. When making semi-finished products, the conventional cup body is made by machine pressing, and the handle can only be made by grouting. Therefore, when the cup body and handle are made of mud, the two should be pasted together with the mud of the same material as the cup body and handle (for the ceramic material, please refer to the material paste of the ceramic mug), and then After washing, glazing, and then firing, the body, handle and paste part of the cup are porcelain into one at the same time. This is the complete ceramic mug suppliers we see.

However, the porcelain cup that has been fired and porcelain can not be pasted, because the mud that can play a bonding role in the firing process can not be combined with the porcelain product again.

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