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How to clean and maintain the new ceramic coffee mugs

Date:2020-12-24 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Jinan Xin Xiang Ceramic Mugs Industries Co.,Ltd,The newly bought ceramic cup, no matter drinking tea or coffee, will have a lot of stains after a period of time. Cleaning the ceramic mug becomes a problem. Many people like their beautiful ceramic mugs and can't bear to wash the cups with hard things like cleaning balls, but they can't find a better way to remove the stains on them, so it's really depressing.

In fact, not every kind of cup is so delicate. Generally, our common cups are stoneware, white porcelain mugs, reinforced porcelain and Bone China (please refer to my "talking about the material of customed ceramic mugs" for a paste). In addition to bone china, other cups of these materials can use cleaning balls, steel balls and other hard things to brush the stains on the cups. No matter it is white porcelain, stoneware or reinforced porcelain, the raw materials are pure clay, and the firing temperature is about 1200 degrees. Therefore, the cups of these three materials have strong hardness, which is enough to withstand the washing of cleaning balls, steel balls and other tools. Moreover, the cups of these three materials do not need any maintenance measures, as long as the cups are not broken and can be cleaned in time Dirt, the cup will always be as new.

But the bone china cup needs special care when cleaning. Because bone china is a kind of valuable material, this kind of material is mixed with animal bone powder (cattle and sheep bone powder) in the raw material of pottery. After two times of high-temperature plain firing and low-temperature glaze firing, it becomes a kind of porcelain with high whiteness, good transparency, fine porcelain quality and smooth glaze surface.

The bone china cup can not be cleaned with hard tools such as cleaning ball and steel ball, but should be wiped with a towel dipped in lemon juice or vinegar, and the hot cup can not be directly washed in cold water, which is easy to damage the cup. In addition, the cup in the ordinary use should also pay attention to maintenance, the need to pay attention to are: 1, absolutely can not be put into the microwave oven immediately hot; 2, can not use the dishwasher to clean; 3, use the pH value between 11-11.5 to clean the cup; 4, if the cup has scratches, you can use toothpaste to smear the scratched place, rub it by hand, which can play a repair effect.

Finally, I would like to share with you that most of the custom ceramic coffee mugs we are using are ordinary cups, so you don't have to use them very carefully. Of course, if it comes from a famous or very commemorative cup, it needs careful maintenance. Ceramics is an art, is the art of combining fire and soil, so patiently taking care of a few of my favorite porcelain is also a good life enjoyment.

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