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On various materials of ceramic mugs---white porcelain

Date:2020-12-24 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Jinan Xin Xiang Ceramic Mugs Industries Co.,Ltd,Our common ceramic cups are mainly white porcelain and reinforced porcelain. Today, let's first share some of the ingredients of white porcelain and the furnace atmosphere during firing.

White porcelain mugs is made of raw materials such as Pengyang porcelain powder, quartz powder, raw gangue powder, Mashan soil, cooked talc powder, mature gangue powder, feldspar powder, coal gangue and other raw materials in proportion. It is fired by reducing flame furnace atmosphere at 1300 degree.

The transparent glaze above white porcelain is the main glaze, because the white porcelain itself is white, there is no need to add milk white glaze to increase its whiteness, and the problem of pinhole is easy to appear in the firing process of white porcelain after milky white glaze.

However, there are many factories using opalescent glaze, at this time, we should pay attention to each drying step in the production process to strictly control, at this time, the best way to prevent pinholes. In addition, the use frequency of the mold should also be noted, generally a set of mold can only be used 35 times. quite a lot

In order to reduce the production cost, the factory even uses a set of molds for 50 times. In this way, the products are not only easy to appear pores, but also have obvious mold lines. This is a very irresponsible performance of product quality.

White porcelain is a kind of medium grade material. White porcelain cup is mostly used in domestic promotional gifts and export business, which is the best selling material in the market.

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