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Some colors can't be printed on ceramic coffee mugs?

Date:2020-12-24 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Jinan Xin Xiang Ceramic Mugs Industries Co.,Ltd,As like as two peas, the ceramic mugs design was received yesterday, and the ceramic cups, which are exactly the same as the design draft, are made in the form of ceramic coffee mugs. The printed pattern is not complicated at all, but the pattern is rose red, which can not be made in the regular ceramic cup flower baking process

Come on. Later, I could only modify the production plan with the guests.

In fact, such things often happen. Many customers who don't often purchase custom ceramic coffee mugs will design a beautiful cup for the factory to make, but later, because the designed color can not be made, the design cost of customers is wasted.

Why can't some colors be made? I've seen how the pattern on the ceramic cup is printed .The friends of this post must have a certain understanding of ceramic cup printing. The colors printed on the ceramic cup are all made of ceramic clay

Color agents are different from those used in paper printing, so the color that can be printed on the paper cannot be finished on the ceramic cup, especially after the ceramic cup is pasted, the process of high-temperature flower baking will be completed, which will cause some colors to change color or change color when baking flowers at high temperature

In the end, it can not reach the original expectation.

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