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How to bake pink glaze on ceramic coffee mugs correct

Date:2020-12-16 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,First of all, there are very bright colors, such as rose red and pure pink. These colors can be printed when printing floral paper, but the color will change when the flowers are baked at high temperature (the normal baking temperature is between 760 degree and 800 degree). Of course, the color of flowers can not be made by low temperature printing. The baking temperature of low-temperature flower paper should not exceed 180 degree. At such a temperature, the color agent will be cooled down without complete volatilization, so that any color printed on the paper can be retained. However, because the temperature of 180 degree can not reach the melting point of the ceramic glaze, the ceramic glaze does not have any change, which will make the pigment on the floral paper unable to penetrate into the glaze, but only cover the surface of the custom ceramic mugs. Therefore, such baked flowers are not complete. When washing the cup or using the cup normally, the color will fade. Moreover, although the ceramic color agent retains the bright effect when baking flowers at low temperature, some chemical substances remain because the colorant is not completely volatilized, which will more or less affect people's health when using cups. So we put an end to the use of low-temperature floral paper to make our products.

In addition, colors such as purple and red can't be printed. Because in the process of printing purple red, the gold red agent and other ceramic color agents need to be fused and printed. When baking flowers, the golden red agent needs to be baked at a higher temperature, otherwise the color of the golden red agent can not be reflected, while the baking temperature of other ceramic colorants is much lower, which will cause a lot of color deviation.

Finally, we suggest that when some colors can not be printed, we would rather choose to redesign the manuscript rather than use other methods to retain these colors.

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