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Production process of ceramic coffee mugs china manufacturers

Date:2020-12-16 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,1. Mugs Molding: making mugs mold with gypsum, in which the mugs body is a mold, and the mugs handle is a mold.

The mugs body mold is a machine press mold, the mugs body is pressed by machine; the mugs handle mold is a grouting mold, the mugs handle is made by hand grouting technology, and then the mugs handle and the mugs body are adhered together.

2. Washing blank: the rough part of the formed mugs body is washed flat and smooth.

3. Glazing: glazing the mugs.

4. Firing: the ceramic cup is fired at 1300 centigrade. After firing, it is our common white ceramic mug supplier.

5. Inspection object: the finished cup is classified according to the quality standard.

6. Flower baking: paste the paper on the white ceramic mugs, and then put the cup into the kiln for the second time firing at 800 degree. When 800 degree, it is just the melting point of the glaze and the ceramic pigment on the paper, so the ceramic pigment will penetrate into the glaze and finish the baking of the mugs.

7. Inspection sample: the quality of the mugs with baked flowers is inspected.

8. Packing.

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