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Ceramic tableware Plain coloured VS colorful porcelain

Date:2020-9-15 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturer,Since the straight, ceramic dinnerware modelling diversity, fine and smooth, color bright and easy cleaning and its porcelain tableware for its modelling diversity, fine and smooth, color bright and easy cleaning, is most families buy tableware of choice. Nowadays, more and more the color ceramic tableware delicate and pretty, but also more environmental protection, green. But the colored glaze, lead, mercury, cadmium, etc are radium harmful to the body element. Therefore, in the purchase and use ceramic tableware, should pay attention to the following:
1) buy ceramic tableware must select normal market, must not TanBianYi buy without formal manufacturer of inferior products. National regulation, the tableware of pottery in 4% soak, lead acid dissolution is not more than 7 milligram/litre, cadmium dissolution quantity not greater than 0.5 milligram/litre.

Plain coloured the tableware of pottery and porcelain of color became more popular vs
2) purchase to watch the tableware of photographic, touch the wall surface, see whether the tableware of bright,
3) smell whether bad smell.
4) don't buy color too bright-coloured tableware of pottery. Usually the color is more bright-coloured tableware, heavy metal exceeds bid more easily,
5) shall purchase of raw materials, process control of stricter glair, glazed tableware,
6) tableware with boiling water before use 5 minutes or immerse with vinegar, 2-3 minutes to dissolve toxic substances.

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