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Various raw materials for ceramic coffee mugs with lid from china (1)

Date:2020-12-10 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Ceramic Mugs Wholesale,The raw materials of ceramic mugs are mainly from rocks, which are mainly made of silicon and aluminum. This kind of rock is also used as raw material for ceramic mug, which is hardened by artificial heating, which is similar to the formation of igneous rock. Therefore, from the chemical point of view, the composition of the ceramic coffee mugs is no different from that of the rock. If it is a ceramic cup made of silicon and aluminum, the main raw materials are as follows:

1. Quartz - chemical composition is pure silica (SiO2), also known as silica. This kind of mineral has no stickiness even if it is broken into fine powder, which can be used to make up for the defect of excessive viscosity of ceramic raw materials. When the temperature is above 780 degrees, it is unstable and becomes tridymite, and begins to melt at 1730 degrees.

2. Feldspar is a compound mainly composed of silica and alumina, mixed with sodium, potassium, calcium, etc. There are many kinds of them because of their different components. Generally, some rocks with more feldspar are called feldspar, and some are named after their origin. Several representative feldspars and their compositions are listed in Table 1. The first three are pure theoretical components, while the latter contain all impure materials in rocks.

Albite and anorthite melt with each other in various proportions and become various feldspars. These are called plagioclase and their properties depend on the ratio of albite to anorthite. There is also a kind of orthoclase (K-feldspar) with the same composition but slightly different shape, which has been misinterpreted as orthoclase. In fact, this kind of feldspar should be called "microcline".

3. Porcelain clay (also known as "kaolin") - porcelain clay (h4al2si2o9) is the main raw material of custom ceramic coffee mugs. It is named after the kaolin produced near Jingdezhen, the first kiln factory in the world. Later, the Chinese pronunciation of "kaolin" evolved into "kaolin" and became an international noun. Pure porcelain clay is a kind of white or gray white soft mineral with silk luster.

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