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Custom Ceramic Coffee Mug Grouting Process - Common Defects

Date:2024-3-29 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Grouted ceramic coffee mugs, ceramic mug accessories or ceramic tableware, etc. During the grouting process, not all products are qualified products. There are defective products in every batch. So what are the common defects of grouted ceramics? The common defects are: air holes, pinholes; cracked mugs; deformed mugs, etc. What are the reasons for these defects?

1), air holes and pinholes
The main reasons for producing air holes and pinholes:
(1) The mud has too little water, too much viscosity, and poor fluidity, so that the air bubbles in the mud are not easily discharged.
(2) Mud storage time is too long, mud temperature is too high, resulting in mud fermentation; mud without aging.
(3) The type and dosage of electrolyte are improper.
(4) Stirring the mud is too violent, or the injection speed is too fast, so that the mud is entrapped with air bubbles.
(5) There are impurities mixed in the plaster mold, such as sand or calcium carbonate, etc.; the particles of plaster used for mold making are too coarse, resulting in uneven structure of the model; the surface of the model is stained with dust.
(6) The plaster mold is too dry, too wet, or the temperature is too high.

2) Cracking
The main reasons for cracking.
(1) Improper dosage of plastic raw materials in the mud, the particles are too coarse.
(2) The amount of electrolyte is not appropriate, or the mud is not aged, uneven mixing, poor fluidity.
(3) The model is not wet or dry, and the sex model is not cleared of surface oil impurities before use.
(4) grouting operation is not good, not completely pour net surplus slurry, resulting in uneven thickness of the injection, drying and shrinkage is not consistent.
(5) injection molding too early, too late, drying temperature is too high.

3), deformation
The main reasons for deformation.
(1) Mud mixed unevenly, resulting in inconsistent drying contraction.
(2) Too much water in the mud, resulting in large drying contraction.
(3) Pouring improper operation, uneven thickness of the body.
(4) The model is too wet or demolded too early, or improper operation out of the mold, the wet blank is not put flat, put right.

4), mud strand
The main reason for the mud strand.
The viscosity of the mud is large, poor fluidity; modeling work surface is stained with drops of paste; improper operation of the pouring residual pulp.

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