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The role and categories of advertising ceramic coffee mugs

Date:2024-3-4 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Factory, Mugs are particularly useful as a necessity that can be found everywhere in our lives. If an advertisement is implanted outside this mug, its impact on people can be imagined. Like the current market, ceramic mugs are available in a wide variety of patterns. Advertising mugs combine aesthetic and promotional effects. Consumers holding a company's customized ceramic coffee mug in their hands are practical and can maintain the advertising effect for a long time.
The outer wall of the mug is a very attractive place for our daily use. The mug, as our drinking tool, it is very close to us, no matter where we go, the cup is around, can not be ignored. If you separate an ordinary mug from the center and unfold its outer wall, you can see that it has such a large advertising area. Imagine if the mug was held in your hand, its body pattern would surely be very noticeable. What a loss it would be for you to put such a good advertising position and not advertise.
The main purpose of our advertisement is to make our products penetrate into the hearts of the people, and the advertising mug fits this feature perfectly, its position is particularly eye-catching, and it can achieve better advertising effect and last for an exceptionally long time. Why not?

Advertising mode of advertising mugs

How should a newly established company choose a mode of publicity to enter the market smoothly and become a well-known product, many companies are now increasing their investment in advertising. Nowadays, no matter what enterprises will use advertising to do brand promotion, the more common publicity in our life are TV ads, newspapers, brochures, the Internet, etc. With the continuous penetration of the Internet, nowadays it is also possible to use Facebook, Linkein, Google and other means to do publicity. But this kind of publicity has some of its own characteristics: large investment, the effect is not obvious, once stopped to renew the advertising effect is basically zero.
These advertising methods of publicity cost more, the best way for the enterprise is to spend less, and has a long-lasting advertising effect. Advertising coffee mugs can be embodied in life in a way that is more acceptable to people. No matter who can use it regularly, when people use it, they will remember the advertisement on it.
Advertising coffee mug is different from other promotional methods. It reflects more of a creativity and conveys a care to people. As a promotional business, it gains more popularity and good branding. The advertising mug makes the advertisement no longer a cold publicity, but an item that can bring warmth to people and bring the distance between the company and the customers closer.

The trend of advertising mugs

Xinxiang Ceramics Factory found in the sales process, there are many customers customized a large number of advertising cups, has been completely not a family of their own can be used up, to understand that these customers customized advertising cups are mainly used to give gifts, some customers customized as a gift to give away in their own business, some of which is a long time to customize their own image of advertising mugs, advertising cups printed their own image of the ads as long as to their own store to talk about business They will insist on sending it to others. And according to their response, the effect is still very good, consulting guests to take home, can be used in the invisible publicity of their own products, in addition, if there are friends to visit, with such a mug also help them to advertise.
There are also guests customized advertising mug, let us help them print contact information on the mug, which also invariably increase the publicity of the company's publicity efforts, there will soon be related to have customers call to consult. Therefore, these are the positive use of advertising mugs to bring the effect.

What is an advertising mug

As the name suggests, an advertising mug is a kind of mug that has the expression or pattern of the merchant printed on a ceramic coffee mug for giving away to customers or bundling sales. At present, advertising mugs are not only made of glass, but also ceramic materials, plastic materials, stainless steel materials, paper materials, etc. With the development of the cup, the pattern of advertising mugs is also increasing. There are color glazed mugs, coated mugs, color changing mugs and so on. Writing here, maybe someone will ask what is the difference between advertising mugs and ordinary mugs. As a matter of fact, the biggest role of advertising mugs is to play the advertising effect, to effectively convey the information of goods, to improve the contact rate between consumers and their goods, and to leave a deep impression on their products. Since the advertising mug has this effect, how is its logo printed? Below, Xinxiang ceramics editor will tell you the answer.

Classification of advertising mugs

According to the role of ceramic advertising mugs can be divided into: ceramic mugs, ceramic coffee cups, ceramic tea mugs, ceramic soup mugs, ceramic beer mugs, sublimation mugs, color-changing mugs, travel mugs, camping mugs and so on.
According to the raw materials ceramic advertising mugs can be divided into: ceramic, stoneware, bone china, white porcelain and so on.
According to the printing method ceramic advertising mugs can be divided into: decal, coating, hand-painted, printing and so on.

Customized advertising mug

1. Determination of advertising content: In order to provide the company's brand awareness, many companies or organizations will be in the gifts to customers or welfare products for employees to print the appropriate company information. Among them, ceramic advertising mugs are a good example. When we customize advertising mugs, we can print promotional pictures, text or logos on the mugs, so we need to prepare these messages in advance.
2.The size and material requirements of the advertising mugs:According to the different occasions of use, the size and material of the printed advertising mugs are also different. Some beverage stores, coffee bars, etc., because they are specific containers, so the customized advertising mugs are a bit big and the material is a bit delicate. If it is used in our daily life, the mugs needed will be smaller and the material requirements will not be so high.
3. Determination of the style of advertising mugs: In different occasions of use, each of our customized products must meet its own purpose. For some special environment use, may also need to consider the user habits and match with other items. Therefore, when doing customization of advertising mugs, the information about the style aspect should also be strictly controlled.
Advertising mugs are not only limited to ceramic advertising mugs, but also include mugs and thermos cups. All of these can be preserved on the surface making them unique items.

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