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Dimensions and Benefits of Ceramic Decorative Plates

Date:2023-8-7 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer Co.,Ltd., In addition to high-end ceramic coffee cups, ceramic gifts also have a ceramic decorative plate, which is mainly used as a decoration for home decoration, and can also be used as a high-end conference gift, placed on a shelf, desk, study, living room, bedroom, etc. Any corner is very suitable for cultivating sentiment and arranging space, and can add artistic atmosphere to the home. As a ceramic gift, ceramic decorative plates have many existing pictures, including figures, landscapes, flowers and birds, etc. Here we recommend the personalized customization of ceramic decorative plates. The pictures can be customized according to different needs of individuals.

Advantages of ceramic decorative plates

1. Value-for-money "cost-effectiveness", ceramic decorative plates are handicrafts, with five to ten times the value-added space, leaving huge profit margins for gift dealers;
2. Good strength, not afraid of being scratched by hard objects, the porcelain plate is fired at high temperature, and it will never fade after being preserved;
3. Modern people's desire to pursue individuality is becoming stronger and stronger. Porcelain plates can be customized as unique personalized gifts according to customer requirements, showing preciousness (including: vessel type, material, pattern, style, etc.);
4. Porcelain plates are also easy to display, and can be displayed and decorated in offices, study rooms, living rooms, and bookshelves (gifts that are easy to decorate).

Main place of origin

1. Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. The ceramic decorative plate is individually hand-made, with exquisite workmanship, which cannot be mass-produced, and the price is high.
2. Zibo, Shandong. Mass production of mid-range ceramic decorative plates. The workmanship is average and the price is cheap.
3. Dehua, Fujian and Liling, Hunan, mass-produce ceramic decorative plates, the workmanship is slightly better, and the price is cheap.

Dimensions of the ceramic decorative plate

6 inch.8 inch.10 inch.12 inch.14 inch.16 inch.18 inch.20 inch

Composition of ceramic decorative plates

Ceramic souvenir plate, stand (plastic or wood) and gift box.

Ceramic decorative plate picture

1. Decals; 2. Hand-painted; 3. Thermal transfer printing

The ceramic decorative plate is made of high-quality kaolin and fired at a high temperature of 1300 degrees. It is a completely porcelain product. Porcelain plates are also easy to display, and can be displayed in offices, study rooms, living rooms, and bookshelves; the ceramic display plates produced and processed by Xinxiang Ceramics Factory are all carefully designed by senior craftsmen and fired at a high temperature of more than 1,300 degrees. A beautiful ceramic art gift that will never fade or tarnish. It is the best gift for conveying love, such as warm farewell, friendship contact, festive gift, business gift, teacher-student friendship, respect expression, inspirational quote and festival commemoration.

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