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8 bone china ceramic coffee mugs world brands

Date:2023-6-9 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

1. Royal Dalton (ROYALDOULTON)

Royaldoulton was founded in 1815 on the banks of the Thames in the United Kingdom. It was hailed by Queen Victoria as the world’s most beautiful porcelain manufacturer. It ocmugies 40% of the production of bone china in the UK and became a world-renowned bone china master. Royaldoulton bone china coffee mug is visually It has a special sense of cleanliness. During the high-temperature firing process, 50% 3-year-old bull bone meal is added. The material is delicate. Its main product Laozhen Rose series is Princess Diana’s favorite and the best-selling so far. One of the bone chinaware, Royal Dalton of the United Kingdom pays great attention to women's feelings, especially the products of its country rose series, which are stroked with 22K gold-plated hand-painted and pasted with colorful purple and gold roses. No matter what era, this The romantic design is extremely lethal to women from all over the world, and the quality of bone china is also extremely guaranteed. 4 bone china mugs can carry the weight of a motorcycle, especially the Royal Dalton It is the only one dedicated to the development of Chinese tableware among many western porcelain brands.


Wedgwood is the father of English porcelain, and its position in the history of European porcelain development is second only to the German Bertegel. The porcelain he produced is also known as the "Queen's Ceramics". Now Wedgwood porcelain, ordinary products will sell for 8,000 Yuan set, its limited edition treasures, such as the Arab series, only 100 sets in the world, and the most precious "Bacchus Festival Seat Frame and Crystal Bowl", the original version has long been collected in the museum, the copy version only has 10 sets in the world Wedgwood’s works at various stages vary greatly due to the different styles of the main creative designers. Because they are royal porcelain, most of Wedgwood’s works are in the shape of arcs, rounded and exquisite, and outlined with gold or silver metal borders. With the outline of the vessel, the walls may be painted with heavy colors, or dotted with elegant small floral or fruit patterns. The pure color of the former shows the luxury of the royal family, and the latter is a detailed depiction of the British pastoral scenery. 
Wedgwood bone china utensils use animal bone meal as the main raw material, and they have amazing endurance. Four ceramic coffee mugs can hold a 15-ton earth truck. 

3. Royal Copenhagen, Denmark (ROYALCOPENHAGEN)

The traditional Nordic craftsmanship is integrated with the oriental porcelain painting style. The unique and elegant design is a national treasure that Denmark is proud of. The crown on the Royal Copenhagen logo indicates the deep relationship with the royal family. The three waves represent the strait surrounding Denmark. "The Boutique" is the belief that Royal Copenhagen has always upheld. Its most outstanding work, Danish Flower, is colored on the glaze and hand-carved. It is the epitome of the skills of Royal Copenhagen. Every piece of Danish Flower is selected texture. The delicate porcelain clay is made into plain embryos, which are carved into shapes such as serrations and hollows before they are completely dried. As for the three-dimensional flower decoration parts, they are molded with skillful hands. The delicate parts have to use needle points, which shows that the difficulty is high. After the molding is completed, it needs to be sintered at a high temperature of 1500 degrees to burn out the unique smooth and dense texture of the porcelain. In addition, if the porcelain floor is accidentally burned and deformed, the temperature is very important. Because of the Danish flower series Accurate depiction of natural plants, elegant color brush strokes, superb craftsmanship, and a design that takes care of hand and beautiful shape. The classic "Danish Flower" has also become the royal collection of the British Queen. Today, the Danish flower has become Danish national treasure.

4. Meissen, Germany

The German porcelain brand with a history of nearly 300 years is well-known for its elegant design, royal temperament, and pure hand-made. On the white chassis, two beautifully curved blue swords are interlaced to become a symbol of Meissen’s century-old classic, a metaphor for the supreme taste. Porcelain in the 18th century European Enlightenment era symbolized the wealth and status of the royal family and nobility, and the origin of European porcelain was inseparable from the German Meissen porcelain. In 1710, Meissen’s first ceramic workshop was built in an old castle. It is also the first porcelain-making factory in Europe. For nearly 300 years, Meissen porcelain has been called "white gold" by European nobles, and it is the first porcelain in Europe. Every painter and stylist of Meissen porcelain in Germany must pass through Decades of training in art and technology can incorporate art styles from different periods in each creation, showing the history of European art for nearly 300 years. For example, the Meissen porcelain work named "One Thousand and One Nights" uses rich characters as the creative theme, and cleverly depicts the characters' expressions, eye contact and other elements. The whole set of porcelain is worth more than 1 million yuan, which is worth the player. Collection. 

5. Nikko (Nikko)

The NIKKO brand was founded in 1908 and is one of the most prominent names in Japanese ceramics. 200 years ago, the British first blended white porcelain technology from the East with animal bone powder and roasted porcelain clay, creating an epoch-making bone china (BONE CHINA MUG) Afterwards, NIKKO increased the bone powder content in bone china to 50% and developed the highest quality bone china products. The glazing and firing temperature reached 850°C to 1120°C, making the porcelain whiter and more crystal clear. NIKKO's bone china mugs and saucers not only have excellent texture, but also reflect the unique exquisite charm of Japanese culture. The soft and shiny glaze, elegant and generous patterns, just enjoy it in your hand, it is already a joy in life. With a mug of coffee full of aroma, everything will be infinitely close to perfection. 

6. NARUMI, Japan

NARUMI has been a famous ceramic producing area since ancient times. As early as the early Edo period, the villages of Narumi began to fire Narumi. By the end of the Tokugawa period, many workshops for firing ceramics appeared throughout Narumi until 1911. The predecessor of NARUMI, the "Imperial Pottery Factory", was founded in Nagoya, Japan. The Milano series, as a classic heritage of the NARUMI family, has been selling well since its birth in 1972. Plum blossoms have always been loved by people as the "flower of luck". The best conveying of the implicit and elegant oriental mood, the simple blue and white tones perfectly collide with the complicated and exquisite flower design. The 24K gold outlines the introverted elegance and the wanton blooming gorgeousness between the shades. The unparalleled combination of patterns and shapes in the Milano series makes It is no longer just a noble item on the dining table, but also a bone china artwork of exquisite and elegant furniture.

7. Royal Worcester (Royal Worcester)

Every piece of Royal Worcester's work, in addition to the exquisite hand drawing, the gold embossed part is made of high-quality pure 22K gold, which complements the pure white part of the porcelain, which is particularly eye-catching. As for the symbols on the bottom of the mug, except for the symbol In addition to the crown used by the British royal family, the four Ws represent Worcester where the company is located, the surname of the founder Dr.JohnWall, WarmstryHouse where the ancient kiln was first established, and the company name Wigornia at the beginning of its establishment. The number 51 in the center represents the establishment of RoyalWorcester. Year AD 1751, until now, Royal Worcester porcelain is still loved by the world for its elegant taste displayed by unique hand-drawn patterns. 

8. Aynsley, United Kingdom

AYNSLEY (Aynsley) is a British royal brand, founded in 1775 by the porcelain maker John Aynsley, but it was not until 1861, under the leadership of his grandson, John Aynsley II, that the company began to produce bone china. Today, AYNSLEY is one of the most important porcelain brands in the world. Collectors from all over the world are proud to own a piece of AYNSLEY’s classic porcelain. AYNSLEY’s products insist on hand-painted or semi-hand-painted products. All cattle and sheep bone meal are produced in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The porcelain made from this bone meal has transparent color, temperature resistance, non-breakability, and a particularly delicate surface. In AYNSLEY bone china, the content of cattle and sheep bone meal is as high as 47.5%, which is characteristic of AYNSLEY porcelain. : The porcelain body is extremely detailed but not very thin; the glaze is extremely uniform, the painting is fine, and the enamel color is full; whether the monochromatic glaze or the enamel glaze is extremely smooth, it completely inherits the original style of Master AYNSLEY, and it is actually the top porcelain collection.

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