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China manufacturers of customized grouting ceramic coffee mugs

Date:2020-11-25 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,The so-called grouting molding process is to inject mud into the mold of gypsum. Because the gypsum mold has the function of absorbing water, the gypsum can absorb the water from the mud on the inner wall to form the green body of ceramic  coffee cup, and then pour out the slurry which can not be absorbed dry in the mold, so as to form the green body structure of the ceramic mugs.

The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic mugs made by grouting technology is a pure manual molding process, so the production efficiency is relatively low and the cost is high. But the hardware equipment used is gypsum mold, so the mold production cost in the early stage will be much lower than that of the machine press production process. So a lot of small orders are mostly completed by grouting technology.

However, the customized starbucks ceramic coffee mugs produced by grouting technology is prone to deformation. Because the product regularity of grouting molding is not as good as that of machine pressing process, so there will be deformation phenomenon when firing.

Some special-shaped ceramic cups must be made by grouting technology, such as square ceramic coffee cups, or semicircular or elliptical ceramic mugs. These molding cup machine pressing process can not be completed.

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