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3 vantages and 6 functions of ceramic promotional mugs

Date:2023-3-6 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, In the early days of opening, companies need to accumulate customers. Which method can attract customers with the least money? Giving away ceramic promotional mugs is the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way. In the middle of the business, it is necessary to maintain old customers and develop new customers, or choose a ceramic promotional mug. So why is the ceramic advertising mug so good?
Ceramic advertising mug is the cheapest and most effective advertising approach. Because of ceramic promotional mugs: cheap, green and environmentally friendly, accompanying customers every day, is a permanent advertisement. The company customizes its own advertising, logo, commemorative activities and other information, and printed on the ceramic mug. Customers need to drink coffee every day, so the mugs must be used every day. When customers use mugs to drink coffee, your advertisement is displayed in front of the customer.

So what are the advantages of custom ceramic promotional mugs?
1. Price advantage: As promotions or gifts, the price of the Mark mug is not high, and the surface can be printed on the text and patterns of your company.
2. Practical: As daily necessities, it is one of the daily necessities with high usage rates. If your client uses your mug every day at the company or home, drink a mug of milk, clear tea, and keep him reminiscent of you all the time. The mug is placed at home or office, and people around you can see your advertisements every day. Therefore, the ceramic advertising mug is itself a mobile advertisement.
3. Printing the company's logo and advertisement on the mug as an advertising mug is the best choice for corporate image propaganda materials, product promotional propaganda materials, and activity souvenirs.
There are 6 other functions in the ceramic advertising mug:
1. Communication information on the ceramic mug to enhance the exposure and popularity of the enterprise.
2. Communication information on the ceramic mug, obtain the first batch of customers and potential customers of developing enterprises.
3. Increase the frequency of the customer's second purchase through the advertisement on the ceramic advertising mug.
4. Through the information on the advertising mug, display the image of the enterprise and spread the public welfare cause.
5. Improve and improve product image and corporate image.
6. Increase the popularity of enterprises and products.

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