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Custom Reusable ceramic coffee mugs from china manufacturer

Date:2023-1-3 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xin xiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, According to the British "Daily Mail" report on November 28, British Barclays Bank (Barclays) and the British chain coffee brand Costa Coffee launched a reusable coffee mug Clever mug, the bottom of the coffee mug is equipped with non-contact Type chips, customers can pay for coffee in a contactless way. Later this month, all Costa Coffee stores will launch the Clever mug, priced at 14.99, and for every one sold, 1 will be donated to the Costa Foundation. As long as customers use the coffee mug at Costa Coffee, they can get a 25p discount on hot drinks.

This ceramic coffee printing mug is made of recyclable materials and has a removable silicone base that is easy to clean. The chip technology contained in the base can support customers to pay with mugs in Costa or any other place that accepts contactless payments.
Costa Coffee's general manager Jason Cotta commented: "We are committed to continuing to recycle more disposable coffee mugs, but we also want to encourage and reward customers who help us reduce waste of disposable coffee mugs. We have launched a 25p hot drink discount for customers using Clever mug in all Costa Coffee stores, and hope to encourage customers to abandon non-recyclable disposable paper mugs."Ceramic Coffee Cups Factory

Rob Morgan, head of Barclays' sales cooperation department, said, "Consumers today tend to find more convenient payment methods. Our wearable chip technology allows almost all accessories to be converted into smart payment devices, making people's daily Shopping is faster and more convenient. We are proud to work with Costa Coffee to make carrying reusable mugs a part of the daily life of the British people.

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