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China ceramic mug supplier custom Royal Dalton Royal Worcester

Date:2022-12-12 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xin xiang ceramic mug manufacturer, Royal Dalton (Custom ROYAL DOULTON factory)
Royal doulton was founded in 1815 on the banks of the Thames in England, and was hailed by Queen Victoria as the'maker of the most beautiful porcelain in the world. It ocmugies 40% of the production of bone china in the UK and has become a world-renowned bone china master.

Royal doulton bone china has a special sense of cleanliness visually. During the high-temperature firing process, 50% 3-year-old bull bone meal is added, and the material is delicate. Its flagship product, Laozhen Rose Series, is Princess Diana's favorite and one of the best-selling bone chinaware so far.
Royal Dalton of the United Kingdom pays great attention to women's feelings, especially the products of its country rose series. The 22K gold-plated hand-painted strokes and colorful purple and golden roses are attached. This kind of romantic design is for all countries in the world regardless of the era. Of women are extremely lethal. Moreover, the quality of bone china mug is extremely guaranteed, and 4 fine bone china mugs can carry the weight of a motorcycle.
It is particularly worth mentioning that Royal Dalton is the only one dedicated to the development of Chinese tableware among many Western porcelain brands.

Royal Worcester, UK (Wholesale ROYAL WORCESTER supplier)
Each piece of Royal Worcester, in addition to the exquisite hand-drawing, the gold embossed part is made of high-quality pure 22K gold, which mirrors the pure white part of the porcelain, which is particularly eye-catching.
As for the symbols marked on the bottom of the mug, in addition to the crown used by the British royal family, the four Ws represent Worcester where the company is located, the surname of the founder Dr. John Wall, Warmstry House where the ancient kiln was first established, and the name of the company at the beginning of its establishment. Wigornia, the number 51 in the center represents the year that Royal Worcester was founded in 1751 AD.
Yal Worcester porcelain is still loved by the world for its elegant taste in unique hand-drawn patterns.

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