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Custom world's top ceramic coffee mugs Wedgwood - xinxiang mug manufacturer

Date:2022-12-5 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xin xiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, A coffee mug is several thousand yuan, indeed expensive and extravagant. But since someone is willing to pay, there must be a reason why it is expensive. In fact, there are many more expensive and high-quality coffee mugs. Today, we will introduce the truly luxurious bone china brands in the world. Using them to drink coffee, the focus is not what to drink, but to demonstrate the pursuit of quality life. If you don't buy it, you might as well find out.


Wedgwood is the father of English porcelain, and its position in the history of European porcelain development is second only to the German Bertegel, and his porcelain is also known as the "Queen's Ceramics". The current Wedgwood porcelain, ordinary products will sell for 8,000 yuan. Its limited edition treasures, such as the Arab series, only have 100 sets in the world.

And the most precious'Bacchus Festival Seat Frame and Crystal Bowl', the original version has long been collected in the museum, there are only 10 copies of the world. Wedgwood's works at each stage are quite different due to the different styles of the chief designer.

Because it is royal porcelain, most of Wedgwood's works are in the shape of arcs, round and delicate, with gold or silver metal edging to outline the outline of the vessel, and the walls may be painted with strong colors or decorated with elegant small broken flowers For the fruit patterns, the pure colors of the former show the royal luxury, while the latter are the detailed depictions of the rural scenery of England.

Custom Wedgwood coffee mug suppliers ware uses animal bone meal as the main raw material, and its endurance is amazing. Four coffee mugs can hold a 15-ton earth truck.

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