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How to customize Starbucks coffee mugs from China ceramic mug factory?

Date:2022-11-14 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang custom ceramic mug manufacturer, It's the annual cherry blossom season again! No, Japan's Starbucks cherry-themed limited edition mugs will be on sale this month!

This year's Starbucks cherry blossom series mainly uses pink and purple as the main colors of the packaging. The design has cleverly operated purple and neutralized the sweetness of simple pink. It is also very careful!

In addition to the originality of the color, the packaging material of the custom starbucks mug manufacturers is also separated to a certain extent. Some ceramic mugs use a plastic transparent mug. The petals of the cherry blossoms are applied to the mug and the blue-purple gradient color system makes the mug dreamy.

Starbucks is very serious about selling mugs. Its biggest feature is that it is good at insight into consumers' consumption habits and accurately focuses on the attributes of relevant people in combination with some current social and animal culture. The Sakura series this time is mainly aimed at female consumer groups, and white-collar workers account for a relatively large proportion, because girls generally yearn for their mental maturity as they grow older and cannot lack female innocence.

The biggest highlight of Starbucks's cherry blossom limit design this time is to make targeted adjustments according to the different consumer cultures of each place. For example, Taiwan's Starbucks cherry blossom limit has more pet elements than Japan's. Does this year's cherry blossom mugs suit you?

when we drink coffee, we should also choose the right espresso mugs to better release the flavor of the coffee, right?Because different coffee mugs have different effects on coffee taste. Numerous studies have shown that the shape, color, and texture of wholesale china coffee mugs will affect consumers' perception of coffee taste.

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