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What do the 6 boxes on the custom Starbucks coffee mug mean?

Date:2022-11-7 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Friends who often go to Starbucks will find that there are a series of boxes on the side of custom Starbucks mugs, and each box has a corresponding note. Whenever you order coffee, the cashier will draw a sketch in the box. So what is the meaning of each of these boxes? How to order coffee at Starbucks, today I will help you popularize it!

The first box: Decaf; the full name is "Decaffeinated", which means decaffeinated. If you want to drink coffee but don't want caffeine, then you can mention that you want Decaf when you order Coffee, if you order Decaf coffee, usually the cashier will put an X in the box as a mark for the barista.

The second box: Shots; actually refers to the number of espresso servings in a cup of coffee drink. Usually there is only one shot of espresso in a coffee drink, but you can propose double espresso mugs, or three espresso It's the way to ask for it. If you ask for a few more shots, you will be charged the corresponding price. So when you ask for more shots, the cashier will write the corresponding Arabic numbers in the box for coffee. Mark of the division.

The third box: Syrup; the so-called Syrup actually refers to adding flavored syrups of different flavors to the coffee according to the needs of customers, usually caramel, hazelnut and vanilla. Of course, Starbucks, as the leader of modern coffee fashions, launches a cat's claw mug that will allow many people to queue up or even fight. Its R&D capabilities cannot be underestimated. So every once in a while, Starbucks will launch different flavors. For the new syrup, when you request to add a certain syrup, the cashier will write the acronym corresponding to the syrup in the box. For example, for vanilla syrup, write a capital "V" as a sign to the barista.

The fourth box: Milk; Milk is probably the most easily overlooked detail for us Chinese. The general public's perception of milk is usually very general. This is because the classification of dairy products in our country is not so rigorous, in fact, in Europe and America In the country, milk can be divided into many types, and in Starbucks, all your needs for different milk can be basically met. How many types of milk are added to coffee? In fact, there are 4 types, namely whole milk, low-fat milk, skimmed milk, and soy milk. When ordering, you can use the "type of milk + coffee name" method to request different milk choices. When you request the type of milk, the cashier will write the corresponding letter abbreviation in the box. For example, skim milk will write N, and soy milk will write S to inform the barista.

The fifth box: Custom Starbucks mug; refers to the special requirements made by customers when ordering. The most common requirements are temperature requirements. Coffee can generally be hot or iced, but if you like very hot coffee, you can also Extra heat can be requested. In addition to temperature, you can also request the amount of milk froth, and you can also request to add some additives such as chocolate chips. When you have a temperature requirement, the cashier will write the corresponding letter abbreviation in the box, such as H Represents heat, and Ice adds a bar to represent iced coffee to go to ice.

The sixth box: Drink; refers to the type of coffee drink ordered by the customer when ordering. When you order the coffee drink, the cashier will write the corresponding letter abbreviation in the box, for example, latte will write L, American coffee will write A etc.

In addition to the content in the box, you generally need to provide two pieces of information, one is the size, and the other is dine-in or takeaway. Custom Starbucks Mug Manufacturers coffee drinks usually come in three sizes: the medium cup is called Tall, the large cup is called, the large cup and the extra large cup.

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