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Xinxiang Ceramic mugs How to judge the quality of fine bone china mugs

Date:2022-9-26 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, If you know something about red wine or high-end wine, you will probably know what I mean. For tasters, how to choose different shapes of wine glasses to taste different wines is a compulsory course. In the past, people used tall and large wine glasses the most when drinking red wine, but when drinking white wine, they would use smaller glasses. Because the shape of the glass will affect the taste and aroma of red wine.

So when we drink coffee, we should also choose the right mug to better release the flavor of the coffee, right?Because different custom ceramic coffee mugs have different effects on coffee taste. Numerous studies have shown that the shape, color, and texture of coffee cups will affect consumers  perception of coffee taste.
1. Good light transmission
Ordinary sublimation mugs can not see through the sunlight. Only bone china mugs can transmit light. The worse the quality of fine bone china mug, the light transmission performance is naturally poor.
2. Light weight and high hardness
Due to the material composition of the bone china mugs, it is much lighter than ordinary ceramic mugs, but the hardness can be much better. If you usually use bone china mugs, you can definitely feel the difference between the two.
3. Good heat preservation
Use an ordinary ceramic mugs to hold hot water and a bone china mugs to hold hot water, you will find that the water in the ordinary ceramic mugs cools very fast, which can indicate that the bone china coffee mugs has a good heat preservation performance.
4. Appearance difference
To judge whether it is a bone china mug, it is very simple to see whether the color of the cup is milky white, smooth, and whether the color pattern is more delicate and elegant. Show your "hot eyes and golden eyes", you can tell at a glance. It is not a bone china mug, it will not have such a delicate appearance.

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