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Can Starbucks used coffee mugs be recycled? China mug manufacturers tell you

Date:2022-8-3 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Can Starbucks used "coffee mugs" be recycled? The answer is no, the clerk has no choice but to tell the reason! Now with the rapid economic development, competition in the catering industry has become more and more intense, such as the fast food fried chicken hot and cold drinks that we are familiar with, etc. Although these things taste very delicious, the price is also It is not expensive, but they have a common problem, that is, they are not environmentally friendly.Custom Starbucks coffee mugs, The garbage generated in these fast food restaurants can be said to be countless. If they are not recycled and treated in a unified manner, it may also cause some damage to our environment. The impact of this, especially when we live in such an environment every day, will also affect our health.

In normal times, I believe that many people prefer to drink coffee. For example, those white-collar workers who doze off in the afternoon will make themselves a mug of coffee, and sometimes they will go to Starbucks to buy themselves a mug of coffee. Drink, everyone knows that Starbucks is a petty bourgeois representative in the catering industry. The price of a mug of coffee or milk tea has reached 20 or 30 yuan. The raw materials and taste they use are better than ordinary milk tea shops, even they The Cheap Starbucks coffee mugs are also produced uniformly, and the quality seems to be much better than that of ordinary milk tea shops. They are especially high-grade. On their packaging boxes, there is a unique Starbucks logo.

The quality of the cups in Starbucks is very good, so recycling should not be difficult. If it can be recycled, it will also reduce the cost of businesses and reduce environmental pollution. Can Starbucks used coffee mugs be recycled? This is also a problem that many people are more concerned about. The answer is no, why? Let's listen to what the clerk said?

The first material is not the same, so it is difficult to achieve unified processing after recycling. This will also cause trouble for them. Then we all know that Starbucks is a large chain restaurant brand, in order to prevent plagiarism. At the same time, it will give customers a better experience. So when it comes to making coffee mugs, they will continue to innovate. The material of each batch of coffee cups is different, so if it is recycled, it will be It is difficult to achieve unified processing.

There is a layer of non-recyclable waterproof plastic inside the second coffee cup. After this layer of waterproof plastic is tightly bonded to the paper cup, if it is recycled, there is no way to achieve 100% separation and purification. If it is forcibly recycled, then only 1 remains in the coffee cup. % Impurity, then when the furnace is rebuilt, it will actually cause environmental pollution, and this will cause greater losses and waste.

The residue in the third white stoneware coffee mug is more complicated. Well, we all know that many women wear lipstick when they go out, and when we drink coffee, we will also leave lip marks and bacteria on the mugs. These are difficult to achieve professional separation and purification. Yes, so if you look at it from a sanitary point of view, it cannot be recycled.

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