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Why are all geniuses drinking coffee? What coffee mugs do they use

Date:2022-6-13 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xin xiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Coffee, one of the world's three major beverages, has a history of hundreds of years since its birth. Coffee shops are also a gathering place for countless celebrities and lofty figures, and thus countless wonderful fate has been born.

Do you know any interesting facts about celebrities related to cafes?

1. French Emperor Napoleon

Exchange military cap for coffee

On the eve of the French Revolution, Napoleon was just an ordinary military officer. When he was drinking coffee at the Procobu Cafe in Paris, he found that he did not have enough money for coffee, so he was embarrassed to mortgage his military cap to the coffee shop. Buddy. Because of this small episode, this cafe has an earth-shattering name-the celebrity emperor Napoleon.

It is said that apart from customized ceramic coffee mugs, Napoleon also liked playing chess. I often go to a Regency cafe in Paris to play chess, but the skill of chess is mediocre, and there is rarely a victory, so I often complain: "This thing is not rigorous as a science, but it is too difficult as a game. Up". Until now, the Regent's Cafe still retains the copper-sided chess table used by Napoleon.

2. The famous Polish mathematicians Banach and Ulam

Banach and Ulam, the famous Polish mathematicians, like to spend a dozen hours in coffee shops. Many of their mathematical achievements are filled with the aroma of coffee. Many tables in the cafe have their advanced mathematical formulas written down. In order to save their own tables, the owner of the cafe specially prepared a book for them to use, which gave birth to the world-famous "Scottish Handbook" that has been spread to this day. There are a total of 193 mathematical problems recorded in the manual, and most of them are still unsolved.

3. German musician Bach

The famous musician Bach, who was born in an ancient town in Germany, is not only an outstanding musician, but also a loyal coffee lover. At that time, cafes were popular throughout Germany and were not only important social venues, but also important venues for small music salons.

In 1732, under the influence of caffeine, Bach created a coffee musical "Musical no.211" with the theme of coffee shop, which premiered in Leipzig coffee house and was a great success. At that time, many music-loving students couldn't afford the tuition, so Bach often took them to the cafe to act in a work-study program.

4. Einstein

From his youth, Einstein often met with Solovin, Habicht and others in the Olympia cafe. While drinking coffee, they discussed mathematics, physics and other issues, discussed each other, and learned from each other. Later, they jokingly called this type of gathering the "Olympia Academy of Sciences." And this special "Olympia Academy of Sciences" had a huge influence on them later, and it also played a big role in their later great achievements.

Later Einstein also developed the habit of going to cafes. There, there was a mugs of coffee in front of him, a book in his hand, sometimes contemplating, sometimes excitedly writing and drawing on the book, sitting all afternoon. That is, in the Metropolitan Cafe, Einstein finished reading the famous book "The Value of Science."

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