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Production process and history of China color changing mugs melody

Date:2020-9-15 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Custom ceramic mugs Manufacturer,color changing mug using thermal process - the need in ceramic handicraft surface coating layer of some special requirements of transparent resin with a printer to paper flowers special hot sublimation ink printing ink, or special paper in through certain pressure and temperature heat transfer, and the good will of ceramic layer on the glass.

color changing mug using heat sensitive ink color temperature, because of its color process, say again "reversible can change color ink. Extinction temperature inversion as temperatures rise, showed a bottom layer.

mug modelling, colour is rich. Fill in the basic to drink for purpose, under the premise of mug body can be designed into animals, plants, such as the character animation different modelling, also have big ring, small loop, and even open loop, etc. Families often mug can usually filled fluid 150 milliliter to 350 ml. There are a few large beer mug can hold 500 milliliter control of liquid filled.

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