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China manufacturers - the knowledge of fine porcelain ceramic coffee mugs

Date:2021-3-22 Ceramic Mug From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

From Xinxiang Ceramic Custom Mug Manufacturers, The texture of ceramics is not as delicate as that of other porcelain, but it also makes ceramics popular with many designers. It is used to express the leisure style or traditional cultural charm.

So the key point of selection is: to see whether its utensils are out of shape, and then whether the painting process is fine.

Choice of strengthening custom porcelain mugs 

Mainly to see if the utensils are deformed; Bone China purchase: one heft, two look, three listen and four lift. One is to weigh the weight in your hand to see whether it is moderate; two is to see whether the glaze is mirror like and glossy, whether the color is soft, whether there is a feeling of jade, and whether the color of the picture is bright; three is to listen to whether the sound is as clear as gold stone if you tap with hard objects; four is to lift the porcelain to the light source to see its semi transparency and good bone china Transparency is high.

It should be reminded that due to the lead content in ceramic mugs, poor tableware will cause harm to human body in long-term use, so in addition to not greedy for cheap in the roadside or on the stall to buy. In the normal use process, there are also some points to pay attention to:

Before using the newly purchased tableware, it can be soaked in edible vinegar to dissolve most of the lead; in the process of using, do not use colored fine porcelain ceramic coffee mugs to contain acid food, so as to avoid chemical reaction; do not put the utensils with metal decorative lines and patterns in the microwave oven; when washing, add detergent with warm water, wipe with sponge or soft cloth, and then clean with clear water, Then use soft towel to wipe clean, do not use rough brush or cleaning cloth to brush, to avoid damaging the glaze of the tableware and producing scratches.

With the above knowledge you no longer for how to choose satisfactory tableware and worry about it.


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